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Welcome to «Don Quichotte» Spanish language school!

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Don Quixote is a Spanish school located in Montreal which advocates a cultural approach to the teaching of the Spanish language. As well, the student, in addition to learn Spanish, will discover the traditions, the history and challenges of different countries of the Hispanic world.

The school offers Spanish courses for beginners, intermediates and those who want to deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language. Our method of learning is based on the conversation. We are aware that each student has different needs and that's why we are listening to them and that the ambitions of each are considered is why we are listening to them and that the ambitions of each are considered.

That this is for the group courses, courses private or semi-private for your employees or simply for a linguistic stay, Don Quixote constitutes a reference of first choice for any person who wishes to reconcile the custom learning of the language and the discovery of the diversity of cultures in Latin American and the Spain.

We invite you to be part of our community. Come explore hundreds of discovery paths that we are offering you, but come specially to contribute to the continuing evolution of our cultural movement!

   Call us and we can guarantee you:

  • A warm and efficient welcome;
  • A reliable and free preliminary evaluation;
  • Dynamic courses that are taught by motivated teachers who come from Latin America and Spain;
  •  Activities of discoveries and of cultural rapprochement;
  • Linguistic twinning and free culture;

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Our team

Our team

Don Quixote is pleased to welcome you to his site of Spanish school of which is a school tailored to measure and which is distinguished by its methodology and its cultural approach.

We are a team of dynamic and passionate people who are committed to teaching our language and by the same to give you the opportunity to share our culture. We all participate in the work that enables all our students to achieve a balance between learning the Spanish language and at the same time having a cultural rapprochement.

Don Quixote will accompany you throughout your visit with us and will make you taste the discovery of this beautiful language.

Don Quixote is always available and especially at the listen to our students and their needs. We believe that the quality of the relationship with our students gives meaning in our experience.

Offering you the best of ourselves, we encourage a rich and stimulating student life, allowing our students to find 1000 and one ways to learn, 1000 and one way of discoveries, 1000 and one ways to reinvent culture while developing a sense of belonging and a community whose resonance goes well beyond the time of your stay at us. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

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¿Hablas español? (Do you speak Spanish?) Not yet? It is never too late! 

Call us or come to our school to register. A delicious coffe will welcome you kindly.

See why learning Spanish has many advantages.

Not only is it the third language spoken in the world (after Mandarin and English), But above all many people who want to learn the language of Cervantes continues to grow. Approximately 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide. In addition to the popularity of this language across the planet, there are other benefits to taking Spanish courses.

Enjoy more of your trip. Approximately 55 million tourists visit Spain every year, not counting the millions of people who visit Latin America. If you are one of those, you will have more fun enjoying what you might discover culturally by speaking Spanish with local people.

Advantage for business. Spanish being one of the most important languages in the world of business, Language skills are part of the basic selection criteria for choosing a candidate when looking for a new job. The Spanish will be a considerable advantage to stand out from the competition.

Asset for retirement. If living your retirement in Spain or in a country of Latin America is part of your projects, your knowledge of Spanish will allow you to live your new life enjoying all the advantages by easily mastering the language.

Improve memory. Learn Spanish, by studying it, practicing it, speaking it, etc. will be a significant factor in improving your memory and mental acuity.

By taking Spanish courses, it is also the opportunity to meet different people, People of all ages and backgrounds, people who have the same aspiration as you, consequently, to be able to open up to this new language and by the same fact to the Hispanic culture. Our Spanish courses are diversified and it will be easy to find a course that suits you best.


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